Exhibition time: 2023.11.22-11.25

Sponsored by: TUYAP&PAGEV

Venue: Türkiye - Istanbul - T ü yap Fair Conference Center

Period: once a year Exhibition area: 105000 square meters Exhibitors: 1194 Visitors: 51684


Exhibition introduction:

Erqi Plastic Exhibition was founded in 1994 and has a history of nearly 20 years. It has been strongly supported by Türkiye Plastic Association and has UFI certification. The exhibition has a great influence in Türkiye and even in the world. It is the only professional exhibition in the plastic industry in Türkiye, and an ideal way for Chinese plastic enterprises to enter the Turkish market.
In 2015, the indoor area of the exhibition reached 100000 square meters, which was divided into 10 exhibition halls for exhibition. 1234 exhibitors from 47 countries around the world presented their latest products and technical achievements, attracting 47306 professional visitors from 86 countries.

Scope of exhibits

Plastic machinery: plastic profile and extrusion pipe production line, steel wire line, rubber pipe line, plastic injection molding machine, blow molding machine, pet blowing machine, plastic film machine, bag cutting machine, injection molding machine, gate and central granulator, plastic recycling machine, thermoforming machine, granulator, plastic pipe machine, extruder, flexographic printing machine, rubber injection molding machine, PVC mixer, plastic packaging machinery and technology

Chemicals and raw materials: engineering plastics, main batch, color batch, PVC additives, rubber additives, rubber chemicals, engineering polymers, packaging and industrial polymers, PVC compounds, PVC particles, PVC stabilizers, thermoplastic elastomers, fiber raw materials, oil, basic chemicals and intermediates, printing inks, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyolefins, pigments, solvents Polycarbonate (the copyright of this article belongs to Juzhan, and it is prohibited to forward without consent)

Auxiliary machinery industry: screw and barrel, reducing joint, cooling device, robot system, cooling tower, hopper dryer, raw material mixer, belt conveyor, magnet and metal separator, CNC plastic processing machinery, label robot, brush production machine, stamping sheet metal machine, air conditioning pipeline

Thermal control equipment: resistance, sensor, polymer plastic testing equipment, precision balance, electronic balance, hot runner system, static equipment, temperature measuring equipment, modular thermal control system, industrial heating elements, etc